Located on the outskirts of Barcelona, an abandoned cement factory, dating back to the turn of the century, was discovered by architect Ricardo Bofill in 1973 and ambitiously transformed into a studio and private residence during the subsequent years.

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Industrial elements from La Fabrica’s previous life have been preserved in the imposing structure, from the naked concrete interior walls to the enormous mixing drums suspended from the ceiling.


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In a structure that is unapologetically industrial in style, seemingly wild natural planting envelopes the facade in harmonious contrast. A colossal structure, that echoes the raw aesthetics of brutalism, is surrounded by a calm oasis of greenery, with interior courtyards filled with eucalyptus and olive trees.



Comprised of a maze of cylindrical forms, the construction boasts surreal winding staircases that lead to circular workspaces. An abundance of curves frame each of the windows and doors, installed during the process of renovation.

Easy to get lost in an otherworldly warren of concrete chambers, La Fabrica’s architectural language references the surreal, the classical and the brutalist all at the same time.



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